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VITA - Partner in Prosthetics

VITA Zahnfabrik is an independent, family-owned enterprise now in its third generation. For over 80 years now, the company has been doing justice to the principle upon which it was founded, namely: product development in order to provide better prosthetic restorations for man.

We develop with great success materials and technologies for the manufacture of high-quality dental restorations. In this way, numerous pioneering achievements in the fields of ceramics, artificial teeth and the determination and reproduction of human tooth colors, have attained worldwide renown in the dental branch

VITA Shades - the worldwide standard for the determination and reproduction of tooth shades. "We are proud that our users are now able to accurately determine and reproduce all natural human tooth shades with the VITA.

Today VITA tooth shades serve as a worldwide reference in the determination of tooth shades. In eight times out of ten, shade taking is carried out using the VITA shade determination system. The 3D-MASTER system has been acknowledged by the dental world as a leading method since 1998 and represents a milestone in the company`s history. 

Business Location Germany

The company`s headquarters are situated in Bad Säckingen at the foot of the Southern Black Forest region. VITA employs a staff more than 800; the production location Germany continues to be an important concern for us as well as being part of our company`s goals and principles.

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