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Competence by Tradition

 The DENTAURUM group in the mirror of time

Arnold Biber establishes the company known today as DENTAURUM.

Dr. Fritz Winkelstroeter assumes leadership of the company founded in 1886 and very quickly achieves a dominant position in the international market. Using highly innovative procedures in the manufacturing of
several new alloys, the company establishes new standards for the entire dental industry. DENTAURUM is soon able to further expand this dominating position when it begins manufacturing several new prosthetic and
orthodontic products.

Hans Peter Winkelstroeter, together with his wife Liselotte, takes over leadership of the company. The company seeks a replacement for gold, which is becoming increasingly scarce. It finds success with the birth of
Remanit (today known as Remanium), an innovative dental alloy that can be used in place of gold, and DENTAURUM proves itself once again to be a pioneer in the dental industry.

Jochen P. Winkelstroeter becomes General Manager and heads the com-pany with his wife Ulla. Together they transform DENTAURUM into an ultra-modern industrial firm with multinational operations. This marks a
new, very active period in the company`s history.

Axel Winkelstroeter and Mark S. Pace take over management of the company. With the founding of Tiolox Implants in 1995, the cornerstone for success in several new, highly attractive markets is laid.

Success has tradition
Today, the DENTAURUM Group is the oldest dental company in the world. For more than 120 years, DENTAURUM and its international subsidiaries
have been recognized as innovators in the manufacturing of reliable products for dentists, orthodontists, and dental technicians all over the world


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