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A pioneer of Lean Manufacturing within the medical equipment industry, Cefla Dental Group creates products that since 1947 have contributed toward the evolution of dentistry.
Manufacturer of dental equipment, Cefla Dental Group is a leading international player with 2 historical dental unit brands, Anthos and Stern Weber, plus MyRay, plus Castelini, the sharpest name today in dental imaging.
Substantial investment in R & D assures constant evolution of a full range of solutions designed specifically for today`s dental professionals.


Cefla Dental Group is part of CEFLA, a company established in 1932 in Imola as a Cooperative enterprise specialising in the design and realisation of electrical and thermohydraulic installations. Subsequently the company diversifies into three main business areas: civil and industrial technological installations, retail outlets for the modern distribution sector, system for coating and curing paints on wood. In the 90`s CEFLA enters the medical domain thus creating Cefla Dental Group. With commercial and manufacturing facilities across four continents, today CEFLA is a leading player in four distinct areas, growing consistently thanks to a policy of innovation and close attention to the changing needs of a globalised marketplace.


Cefla Dental Group believes in the value of reliability, a quality that is expressed through every one of its internal processes. Based upon this premise, our mission is to research solutions and develop products that will empower dentists with regard to the diagnosis and the treatment of pathologies related to the oral cavity


Cefla Dental Group is the brand behind the brands. One of Europe`s leading manufacturers of dental units made up of two historical brands, Anthos and Stern Weber, designing a wide range of integrated treatment centres renowned for their frontline technology, design and performance. MyRay is the third brand belonging to Cefla Dental Group. MyRay is digital imaging designed for dentists; systems and devices which are simplifying the approach to digital radiology and patient communication within the dental surgery thanks to unique ergonomic features and modern technologies.

Cefla Dental Group delivers solutions for dental professionals, designed and built within the strict terms of Lean Manufacturing. This guarantees total product quality and ensures maximum flexibility in the face of the profession`s rapidly evolving needs.


Utmost versatility for the dental sector, in an Italian brand.

Anthos, Italy`s number one manufacturer of dental equipment, delivers treatment centres designed to suit each dentist`s personal operating style.
The widest of ranges, design, renowned quality and user-friendliness are the key values of this brand, which in 60 years has conquered the dental profession worldwide.


So simple, so different.   
Unique and innovative, MyRay brings digital imaging comfortably within every dentist`s reach.
Smart solutions providing new levels of comfort and the best available technologies for X-ray diagnostics: instruments designed for those looking for innovation and speed, design and performance.